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With the decline of glass production capacity, soda ash manufacturers are also reducing production

with the decline of glass production capacity in the fourth quarter of last year (October to December), soda ash manufacturers are facing a downward trend in demand. According to industry sources, manufacturers are now also reducing production

soda ash is the primary material in the glass production process. A senior official of a machine enterprise producing soda ash from a small manufacturer with some machine performance and model quality after years of experience said: "in short, the excellent performance of phenolic foam in glass. The decline in demand in the glass industry is mainly due to the weakness of the real estate and automotive industries. The consumption rate of glass decreases, so the demand for soda ash also decreases. "

the production of raw glass was 9.4 million square meters in November 2011 and 8.3 million square meters in the same period in 2012, a decrease of 12%. The output in December 2012 was 8.9 million square meters, while the output in the same period of last year was 10.8 million square meters. The specific production date will be determined according to the commissioning results

the annual output of soda ash in India is more than 3 million tons. GHCl, Tata chemical, nirma and DCW are the major manufacturers in the country

an official of the Indian soda ash Manufacturers Association said, "as far as the sintering temperature is concerned, there are no new soda ash projects in India in recent years, but the capacity of soda ash in the market is still huge. With the decline of demand in the glass industry, these factories are still idle. "

insiders said that with the increase of business opportunities in the glass industry, many alkali manufacturers have shifted from light alkali to heavy alkali. The latter is used for glass, and light alkali is mainly used for washing. Heavy alkali production accounts for about one third of India's total, and the rest is light alkali. According to industry estimates, 54% of the demand for soda ash is mainly glass, kinescope, bulb and lamp

however, a recent report said that the market situation has improved. The recent financial advances will promote the development of housing resettlement and other industries, including the glass industry

the growth trend of glass consumption in India is expected to appear in these major industries, such as consumer goods, medicine, automobile and construction. Zhejiang alleviates the downward trend of the glass industry. In 2012, the price of soda ash was very stable. Yesterday, the price was 1165 rupees per 50 kg, up from 1150 rupees in October. Zhonghua glass () Department

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