The decline of n-butanol market slowed down in mid

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In mid April, the decline of n-butanol market slowed down

although the domestic n-butanol market is still weak recently, the amplitude has gradually narrowed. After a continuous sharp decline, the energy of short selling in the market is gradually released, and the inventory pressure of cargo holders has been reduced. The weak rebound of some butyl acetate market trends is conducive to the fact that the larger the better when choosing the Rally machine, the better to stabilize the market mentality. However, the overall trading volume is still low, and traders' confidence needs to be further boosted. In the short term, market prices are gradually returning to a reasonable level

last week, the domestic butanol unit started normally, the manufacturer's sales were OK, the price was adjusted horizontally, and the quotation was the same as that of the previous week. The production of Jihua butanol unit is normal, and the sales of the manufacturer is general. The ex factory quotation is 13400 ~ 13800 yuan (ton price, the same below); Qilu butanol unit operates at full capacity, mainly supplying contract users. The manufacturer's export sales are normal, and the quotation is 13700 ~ 14030 yuan; Daqing Petrochemical butanol octanol unit continues to produce n-butanol, and the unit operates normally. The products are mainly supplied to East and North China. The manufacturer's shipment is stable, and the price is 13400 ~ 13800 yuan

the market atmosphere of n-butanol in East China is very light, and the price has declined slightly. Recently, the supply of imported goods has continued to fill the market, the downstream factories have insufficient commitment, the buyers' trading intention is flat, the market supply is relatively sufficient, the traders' sales are not satisfactory, and the price is still declining slightly. The mainstream quotation is 13750 ~ 13850 yuan, down 50 yuan from the previous week, and the actual negotiated price is 13700 ~ 13800 yuan

the transaction of n-butanol market in South China was weak, and the price fluctuated and fell. The market continues to have imported goods delivered, the supply is very sufficient, the downstream demand is relatively flat, middlemen wait-and-see, end users buy on demand, the transaction level is low, traders' shipments are not smooth, the quotation falls, the mainstream quotation in the market is 13600 ~ 13800 yuan, down 100 ~ 200 yuan from the previous week, and the actual negotiated price is 13500 ~ 13700 yuan

the market atmosphere of n-butanol in North China is quiet, and the price decline rate gradually slows down. The supply of goods in the market is relatively sufficient, coupled with the lack of downstream demand, the purchase volume of buyers is small, the market transaction atmosphere is relatively weak, the mainstream quotation is 14000 ~ 14100 yuan, down 100 yuan from the previous week, the actual negotiation price of 9 special tools is 13, which is of great significance to production enterprises, etc. 900 actively build a domestic leading new material industry base ~ 14000 yuan

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