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Wafangdian builds a 50 billion bearing industry cluster

on the one hand, it supports the technological transformation of enterprises, and on the other hand, it develops public technical services. This year, Wafangdian City, focusing on the bearing industry with traditional advantages, continues to lengthen and strengthen the industrial chain, accelerate technological upgrading and industrial agglomeration, and strive to make the annual sales revenue of the bearing industry cluster exceed 50 billion yuan

Dalian Wazhou Jinzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. is currently the largest bearing ring processing enterprise in China. This bearing ring is an important link in the bearing industry chain, and its production capacity will directly affect the processing level and scale of bearing products of Wazhou group. Just after the Spring Festival, 110 sets of fully automatic CNC lathes imported by the company with an investment of more than 50 million yuan arrived one after another and began to be fully installed and debugged

Wang Li, deputy general manager of Dalian Wazhou Jinzhou machinery company: "after the entire production of these equipment, the commissioning and production can reach 1.2 million sets, and the production capacity will be tripled."

in order to cooperate with the transformation and upgrading of Wazhou group to the high-end automotive bearing industry, Wazhou Jinzhou machinery company also plans to invest 800million yuan this year to build a new modern production line to produce high-precision bearing accessories. At present, the site has been leveled

Wang Quanbin, general manager of Dalian Wazhou Jinzhou machinery company: "that is now the world's top level. There are only two lines in the world. This is our third line, which fills the domestic gap. The annual output value should reach 2 billion."

with Wazhou group as the leader, Wafangdian City is actively promoting industrial cooperation among bearing enterprises, and vigorously developing equipment manufacturing enterprises for the bearing industry at the front and end of the industry, generally speaking, for equipment and market. At present, projects such as the large propeller of Sinovel heavy industry with an investment of 1billion yuan, the CNR excavator with an investment of 3billion yuan, and the machining center with an investment of 4.2 billion yuan to add copper and rare earth, which is beneficial to improving the electrocatalytic activity and corrosion resistance of the alloy, are being stepped up. In order to promote the overall upgrading of the bearing industry, Wafangdian City is also accelerating the construction/R & D and design, quality testing, training and education, marketing/four public service platforms

liumingdong, deputy director of Wafangdian Economic Development Bureau: "focus on the development of wind power bearings, traffic bearings and high-tech supporting bearings, strive to improve the production capacity of the bearing industry, and ensure that the sales revenue of the bearing industry will exceed 50 billion by the end of this year."

in the first quarter, the two requirements for the sales revenue of Wafangdian Bearing industry were contradictory. It is expected that the revenue will exceed 13billion yuan, achieving a good start, laying a good foundation for the annual breakthrough of 50billion yuan

quick comment: lengthening and strengthening the industrial chain is a "report card"

many heavyweight bearing projects have settled in Wafangdian, which shows us the charm of industrial clusters. With the enhancement of cluster competitiveness, this "factor agglomeration effect" will continue to accelerate, and a good public service platform will also note: scientific research institutions are requested to send remittances in advance to help the development of industrial clusters and further promote cluster expansion and factor agglomeration. The development of industrial clusters is a "theme word" of the city's economic work this year, and it is also one of the breakthroughs in striving to achieve a "good start" in the first quarter. Constantly lengthen and strengthen the industrial chain, such as a "report card" of our city's economic development. I believe that more "world-class" will be written in this "report card" this year

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