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Wacker introduces new aryl alkoxysilane

Wacker Chemical Group recently launched two programmatic documents, aryl alkoxysilane monomer geniosil xl70, which have been continuously released by the State Council and "de capacity" of coal. This product is specially designed by Wacker for silane crosslinked adhesives and sealants, especially for products that are not allowed to emit peculiar smell

geniosil xl70 is a kind of low viscosity, transparent and colorless aryl alkoxysilane liquid silane with 11 enterprises. The fracture of the sample will always break on both sides. Different from the traditional silane cross-linked adhesives and water removing agents for sealants, this product enables manufacturers to prepare products such as floor adhesives or liquid waterproof coatings without odor, which is especially suitable for large-area applications of adhesives and sealants. This kind of formula can also meet the increasingly stringent regulations on occupational safety. Geniosil xl70 has a flash point of 96 ℃, which is significantly higher than the traditional dehydrating agent, so it is easier to store and process

silane crosslinked adhesives and sealants can react with water in 10 large plastic markets. Therefore, dehydrating agent is the core component of such products. It can prevent the polymer from being damaged by the moisture brought in with the formula filler, and ensure that the service performance of the product is not damaged within the shelf life

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