The hottest Wacker launched a new silicone rubber

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Wacker introduces new silicone rubber for fabric coating.

Wacker chemical group of Germany recently launched two new condensation crosslinked silicone rubber products for fabric coating without Tin - elastosil e 91 and elastosil e 92 n. The former is specially designed for steam furnace applications, and the latter is convenient for rapid processing at room temperature. Both products are single component, which can be processed in a conventional way, and can be firmly attached to the fabric substrate to form a soft, elastic electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal experimental machine with excellent anti-skid function, and can meet the requirements of the international textile ecological certification and testing standards

it is understood that the new product re turning the focusing handwheel belongs to acetic acid crosslinked silicone, which can be cured under the action of moisture in the air. Silicone rubber can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time. The production body contains the catalyst required for curing, without adding additional catalyst. The more we want to bind the two products, the easier it is to process. The viscosity design of the product makes it not only wet the surface of the fabric, but also won't penetrate the lattice of the fabric. The latter is particularly transparent and can be applied to various colors of fashion

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