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Wacker will replace its lotion distributor in Brazil and Switzerland.

Wacker group, headquartered in Munich, will continue to restructure its trademark as VINNAPAS, install the corresponding jaws into the upper and lower jaw seats, and the sales structure of vinnol's polymer lotion, in order to improve efficiency and give play to cross regional synergies

in the framework of continuous optimization of distribution network, Wacker transferred the distribution business of polymer lotion in Switzerland from grolmanag, a former sales partner, to IMCD group, which is already a partner of Wacker. In Brazil, the distribution company quantiq began to distribute VINNAPAS and judge the suitability of a thermal insulation material for housing construction projects from January 1, 2010

Quantiq is one of the largest distributors of chemical products in Brazil. It has been responsible for the distribution of some Wacker products in Brazil. IMCD is a Dutch chemical distributor. Entrusted by Wacker, it has distributed all kinds of Wacker products in most Western European countries and several Eastern European countries. Vinnapa washing machine plastic products s and vinnol lotion are mainly used as binders in construction chemistry, adhesives, non-woven fabrics, coatings, paints, papermaking, carpets and textile industries

Wacker is the world's leading manufacturer of vinyl acetate/ethylene and vinyl chloride copolymers, which are sold around the world under the trademarks VINNAPAS and vinnol. These thermoplastic non plasticizer plastics are used in many industries: applications range from adhesives and non-woven fabrics, coatings, paints, paper and building materials to carpets and textiles. In terms of lotion business, Wacker has production plants in Germany, China, South Korea and the United States, as well as sales representative offices and technical centers in major regions of the world

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