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Wacker Chemical Group launched silicone elastomer for adhesive and sealant industry

Wacker chemical group, headquartered in Munich, Germany, will display carefully selected silicone products specially prepared for adhesive and sealant industry at bondexpo2009 industrial adhesive technology exhibition. The exhibition center is semicosiluv, a new material. Before the experiment, check whether there is abnormal sound and vibration. It is a room temperature cross-linked silicone elastomer, and this cross-linking reaction can take place only after ultraviolet irradiation. Semicosiluv can harden in a few minutes, so it can quickly and economically package electronic components, circuit boards and components for solar power generation. In addition, Wacker also exhibited a new organic silicone adhesive that can be used in food and a transparent silicone gel for sensitive electronic components and high requirements for bonded glass. Bondexpo2009 exhibition will be held in Stuttgart, Germany from September 2 to 24 to promote investment projects

semicosiluv silicone elastomer

semicosiluv is a UV activated one component and two-component system based on polysiloxane, which is easy to process and use. These elastic materials are characterized by fast processing speed and good storage performance. When crosslinked, semicosiluv does not produce any decomposition products, which is a popular feature, especially when packaging electronic components


this product gives users the greatest flexibility. The crosslinking speed can be accurately controlled by selecting elastic materials, UV dose and process temperature. Semicosiluv has a very short activation and crosslinking time at room temperature. Specifically, semicosiluv-faustformel10x10x1 this innovative technology is the first in the world. 0 has such performance: irradiate it with ultraviolet light for 10 seconds, then harden it for 10 minutes, and it can withstand 10 kg load in an area of 4cm2

in this way, the cycle time of electronic component coating will be shortened greatly. This not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces energy and production costs, which is particularly evident in large components. Semicosiluv is particularly suitable for important future markets, from automotive and power electronics, sensor technology to solar power generation technology

The extensometer is connected to the amplifier and the amplifier is connected to the experimental machine to measure the deformation

semicosiluv silicone elastic material completes the crosslinking reaction in a few minutes. UV dose and silicone type determine the crosslinking speed. Semicosiluv does not produce any decomposition products in the crosslinking process, so it is especially suitable for microelectronic technology, sensor technology and solar power generation technology. (photo: Wacker Chemical Co., Ltd.)

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