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Tang Xiuguo was invited to attend the activities of the Ministry of Commerce to share Sany's "Indian experience"

Tang Xiuguo was invited to attend the activities of the Ministry of Commerce to share Sany's "Indian experience"

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on January 16, the "2019 China foreign investment promotion machine is expected to increase the total demand for vanadium by 11% structural work meeting" hosted by the Ministry of Commerce was held in Beijing. In this dialogue session entitled "experience and Enlightenment of Chinese enterprises' going out", Tang Xiuguo, President of Sany group, discussed the topic of Chinese enterprises going to sea with zhongbaofen, counselor of the Thai Embassy in China, Xiao Qijing, Secretary of the Party committee of Huali group, and other guests, and mainly shared the development experience of Sany group in the Indian market

it is reported that after 17 years of entering the Indian market, Sany group's business has blossomed in the Indian market. Not long ago, the 182 meter high world's tallest statue - India's "statue of unity" was completed, which has become the focus of common attention

In the dialogue session, Tang Xiuguo first shared the story of the statue construction. He said that the engineering volume of the Indian solidarity statue determined the difficulties faced by the construction technology from the beginning. To this end, Sany has deployed a total of 8 lifting equipment, including a 650 ton crawler crane called "phenomenal product" by Xinhua news agency, which has completed 80% of the work volume, making Sany widely praised by the Indian government and people

in fact, it is not just the "statue of unity". Since entering the Indian market, Sany engineering equipment has deeply participated in India's national projects such as the tallest building in India, "Babel Tower", the twin towers of the Mumbai Empire, Adani power plant, etc., and has opened up the situation locally step by step with solid product and service quality

in Tang Xiuguo's view, localization of products and talents is also an important magic weapon to help Sany take root in India. In 2006, Sany opened the "one-stop" localization development road of investment, design, production, sales and service in India. During this period, Sany paid attention to integrating into the local language, which also determined the structure and society of the Rally machine, worked hard to become a "corporate citizen", actively acted in the fields of disaster relief and talent training, and won the recognition of the Indian people with its actions

the development achievements of Sany India this year are also amazing. In January this year, the sales volume of Sany India was about 1.1 billion yuan, which is expected to achieve a year-on-year increase of more than 30%. At present, the rotary drill, large tonnage crawler crane, truck crane and all terrain crane of Sany India have become the local leading brands. Among them, the market share of all terrain cranes reached 73% in 2018

insiders believe that the good development of Sany India this year is an epitome of the accelerated internationalization of Sany. In 2018, Sany's overseas sales exceeded 15billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 27%. The internationalization process ushered in the best sales performance in history

during the event, as a solid partner in the "going out" process of Sany, Yan Haisi, the 100 ton deputy general manager of the Finance Department of the Bank of China, also reviewed the classic case of the two sides "going out to sea together" on behalf of the enterprise, and said that "we expect Sany and other Chinese enterprises to do more overseas."

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