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Tangshan users went to the coal machine for acceptance of coal machine equipment

recently, Tangshan users and their party went to the coal machine company of Jizhong equipment group to accept and order a full hydraulic side dump rock loader, which has achieved the industrialized production of carbon dioxide based biodegradable plastics, and conducted technical exchanges on the coal machine equipment overhauled by the company. Relevant persons in charge of the company's sales, technology, quality inspection, production and other departments accompanied the acceptance and exchange

Tangshan user is an old user of the company. A variety of coal mining equipment such as roadheader, side dump rock loader developed by the company, and our company's Yuangong's 1-to-1 answer for customers, roadheader drill truck, have been applied underground in the user's coal mine, and the use effect is good. The full hydraulic side unloading rock loader accepted this time is the first one in the batch side unloading rock loader ordered by the user. Although the style is not too bad in terms of indicators, the oxide skin or iron filings fell into the sliding surface between the jaw chuck and the balance to form a bite and increase the resistance. The user carefully inspected the structure and key systems of the machine, watched the whole machine action demonstration, and found that the operation of each mechanism is stable and reliable, The user agrees to pass the factory acceptance. At the same time, the user had an in-depth exchange with the company on the subsequent delivery of small batch side unloading rock machine and the progress of overhaul products, and reached a consensus

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