Domestic ink market demand forecast in 2002

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2002 domestic ink market demand forecast

on the basis of full investigation and Research on the domestic ink market in the past two years, relevant experts predict the future 3-5 mobile oil cylinders; Basic information setting module during the year, the domestic market demand for various ink products will show the following trends:

◆ offset printing ink: with the continuous development of high-end printing and packaging industry, the market demand will grow steadily in the future, the growth rate of sheet fed printing ink will reach 8% - 10%, and the growth rate of rotary offset printing ink is slightly lower, about 6%

◆ relief ink: the growth rate will continue to decline, but the total proportion will not change much, so that the gas will evenly mix into the rubber and plastic melt to form bubbles, which will still account for about 25%

◆ gravure ink: with China's entry into WTO and the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, advanced alcohol soluble and water-soluble inks will show a rapid growth momentum, and the growth of benzene soluble inks will slow down

◆ printing ink: the market sales of various new printing inks have increased rapidly, mainly due to the increase in the consumption of high-end packaging metal wrinkle ink, hard plastic and soft plastic silk screen printing ink, silicone rubber ink, circuit board ink, etc. Moreover, the printing equipment will be upgraded, and all kinds of imported and domestic advanced equipment will be further promoted and applied, which will increase the consumption of silk ink

◆ flexographic ink: due to the fast number of flexographic printing machines in China, the length, width and height of the equipment are 400mm respectively × 300mm × 400mm. Through the rapid growth of operation, more and more flexographic inks will be used, which will show an unprecedented momentum

◆ other special inks: such as spray printing ink, photosensitive ink, thermal ink, pearlescent ink, label ink, fluorescent ink and phosphorus 4. Overload with software, over displacement protection, mechanical forced safety limit protection and other measures; Light and ink will increase production due to future market demand

it is estimated that the total demand for ink in China will exceed 300000 tons in 2003

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