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Tan Xuguang concurrently served as chairman of Shandong Jiaogong group

this further reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. China Securities News learned from relevant insiders that Tan Xuguang, chairman of Shandong heavy industry group and Weichai Power, has also served as chairman of Shandong communications industry group a few days ago, and Su Lin, former chairman of Shandong Jiaogong group, has retired

according to the data, Shandong Communications Industry Group Holdings Co., Ltd. is a state-owned wholly-owned large-scale first-class enterprise established with the approval of Shandong Provincial People's government and performed the functions of investor by Shandong provincial SASAC and Shandong Provincial Social Security Fund Council. By the end of 2016, Shandong Jiaogong had total assets of 11.707 billion yuan, achieved annual operating income of 11.118 billion yuan and total profit of 736 million yuan

Shandong Jiaogong holds 51% equity of Zhongtong automobile industry group, while Zhongtong automobile industry group holds 21.07% equity of the listed company Zhongtong bus, which is its largest shareholder. The equity of Zhongtong bus is also the core asset of Shandong Jiaogong and the main source of income and profit

Shandong heavy industry group, with Tan Xuguang as the chairman, now has four A-share listed companies, namely Weichai Power, Weichai heavy machinery, Shantui and Yaxing bus. Yaxing bus and Zhongtong bus are in the same bus industry. According to informed sources, Shandong heavy industry obtained the control right of flexible foam rubber and plastic insulation products gb/t17794 ⑴ 999 Yaxing bus through equity transfer in 2010, but in recent years, Yaxing bus has not developed well due to various historical reasons. As a leading enterprise in the domestic bus industry, Zhongtong bus, especially in recent years, has achieved curve overtaking through new energy vehicles, and its market position has been continuously improved. As a flag figure and master of capital operation in China's automobile industry, such as the failure of the force application mechanism; It is worth looking forward to what changes Tan Xuguang will bring to Zhongtong bus as chairman of Shandong Jiaogong

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