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Tianjin baiyili new energy technology is a manufacturer specializing in the production of solar photovoltaic supports, mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of photovoltaic support systems. Adhering to the business philosophy of promoting and popularizing the application of clean energy, by integrating various resources at home and abroad, we have successively launched a series of high-quality and innovative products, such as inclined roof supports, adjustable angle roof supports, flat roof supports, ground supports, column supports, etc. It is mainly used in industrial plants, commercial buildings, residential roofs, agricultural facilities, remote areas, etc. Parallel photovoltaic power generation refers to the direct current generated by solar modules, which is directly connected to public electricity after being converted into alternating current that meets the requirements of municipal electricity through parallel inverters. It can be divided into parallel power generation systems with and without batteries. The parallel power generation system with storage battery is schedulable, which can be connected to or removed from power as needed. It also has the function of standby power supply, which can provide emergency power supply in case of power failure for some reason. Photovoltaic and power generation systems with batteries are often installed in residential buildings. The parallel generation system without battery does not have the functions of schedulability and standby power supply, and is generally installed on larger systems. Parallel photovoltaic power generation has centralized large-scale parallel photovoltaic power stations, which are generally national power stations. The main feature is that the generated energy is directly transmitted to electricity, and the electricity is uniformly allocated to supply power to users. However, this kind of power station has not developed much due to its large investment, long construction cycle and large floor area. Decentralized small-scale photovoltaic power generation, especially photovoltaic building integrated photovoltaic power generation, is the mainstream of photovoltaic power generation due to its advantages of small investment, fast construction, small floor area and strong policy support

inspection environment 1 For the C-shaped steel support system, taking the longitudinal installation of photovoltaic modules as an example, the long side size of photovoltaic modules used in large-scale photovoltaic power stations is more than 1.5m, and the maximum number of modules arranged longitudinally is 5. Too many photovoltaic support accessories in Anshan lead to the high position of the top row of modules, which is not conducive to on-site installation. It is analyzed that traditional energy such as oil, natural gas and coal has always been the conventional energy we use. Although they were once rich in reserves, they are not inexhaustible. With the continuous development of science and technology, the environmental problems and energy shortage of Anshan photovoltaic bracket accessories have become the focus of the world. Therefore, usw8u6soonyp1 must develop a variety of new energy to replace these depleted traditional energy. Under the continuous research of people, natural energy 4.0 such as solar energy and wind energy has become the representative of new energy. They are renewable energy, and Anshan photovoltaic bracket accessories are also clean energy. Among them, solar energy is the energy that people are gradually expanding the use of, and will not pollute the environment, which has attracted the attention of many countries. At present, photovoltaic bracket accessories solar photovoltaic bracket is gradually rising in China, and ovo91wibjower has attracted more and more attention. This paper introduces the problems existing in the installation of solar photovoltaic supports in China and their solutions, and discusses the current situation and future prospects of the photovoltaic industry. An this article introduces three systems of a fully automatic bending and pressure testing machine, which are easy to install The oblique clamp can be installed from any position of the aluminum alloy extrusion guide rail, and pre installed with the clamp block and hook height, so as to minimize the installation time and cost

in the process of energy transformation, in addition to the guidance of forward-looking policies, we should also think about how the whole photovoltaic industry can continuously innovate and improve in cost, scale and technology, how to make costs continue to decline and conversion efficiency continue to rise, and how to realize energy reform at a more economical cost and less cost. We believe that technological innovation and leadership are the main path to promote the early arrival of parity. During the 2018 first China photovoltaic industry leadership forum held on October 20, Liu Hanyuan * * * of the board of directors of Tongwei group said in an interview with 21st Century Business Herald

putting the photovoltaic industry in the context of the energy revolution, the competition of photovoltaic enterprises has risen from the competition of price and scale to the level of core technology competition. In this process, the role of the leader plan is self-evident. Through technical indicators and price competition, enterprises are forced to constantly explore and find the most efficient technology and the best price

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the State Power Corporation of China will invest more than 300billion yuan in the construction of AC UHV. In 2015, Sanhua AC UHV synchronous power with three vertical and three horizontal as the core will be formed, 38 UHV substations will be added, the variable capacitance will be 260 million KVA, and 26000 kilometers of UHV AC lines will be built; 15 DC projects have been developed, with a total commutation capacity of 230million kW and a total length of 25000 kilometers. In recent years, the rapid development of new energy power generation industry has brought better development space for power transformers, and has also become an important direction for power transformer manufacturers to seize market segments and expand business scope. At the same time, it also promotes the optimization of power transformer product structure and technological innovation. Globally, information technology, energy revolution and management innovation are causing new changes. The production mode is changing from mass centralized to intelligent, networked and personalized, and from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing

the national energy administration has previously revealed that it will launch the fourth phase of the photovoltaic leader project in the second half of this year. According to the practice of starting the leader project once a year, it is speculated that the leader project in 2018 is getting closer and closer to the approval. In addition to promoting the small batch industrialization of advanced technology, how to apply the technology and cost advantages of photovoltaic leader projects to ordinary power stations is one of the significance of demonstration. In the middle, there may be a gap between non-technical costs

sample of comprehensive utilization of land and resources

the third batch of leader projects selected 10 application leading bases and 3 technology leading bases. According to the plan, the third batch of projects with a total of 6.5gw in 13 leading bases will be completed and generated by the end of 2018 and the first half of 2019

other opinions and suggestions: academicians and experts proposed that the planning should further emphasize innovation, highlight the application of new technologies, and highlight the development of intelligence. They suggested that attention should be paid to the unified optimization of the power system, especially to strengthen the optimization of various power sources in the power system, and the coordination between power sources and electricity. The "13th five year plan" should start the research on the long-term dynamic planning of the power system. Experts at the meeting believed that the planning should emphasize the principle of decentralized access and nearby consumption of new energy power generation. At the same time, the development of energy storage technology will bring about a revolution in the field of energy and especially in the field of electric power. Achieving a breakthrough in the utilization of new energy is the key to smart electricity. Accelerating the development of technology in the whole industrial chain of biological materials in our province should increase the expression of the application of energy storage technology in the planning. Guodian Dadu River Basin Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) innovatively proposed the smart enterprise - Smart Dadu River Construction Based on the research and judgment of the internal and external environment and long-term development

on September 30, the first phase of the 220 kV transmission project of Sihong photovoltaic leading base was incorporated into power operation, becoming the leader in the construction of the third batch of 10 photovoltaic power generation application leading bases. In March this year, through the evaluation, five enterprises, Jingke, Tongwei, CGNPC, Lin Xiang and State Power Investment Corporation, won the bid respectively. The project adopts the three-dimensional business model of fish and light complementation

from the perspective of electricity price, the electricity price of the five projects in the base ranges from 0.49 yuan/kWh to 0.53 yuan/kWh, which is far lower than the local benchmark electricity price of 0.74 yuan/kWh

Liu Hanyuan predicts that with the further improvement of technology and the optimization of non-technical costs next year and the following year, it may be lower than the upper price of coal power generation in Jiangsu

the fundamental direction of the energy system is irreversible. The transformation of renewable energy from supplementary energy to alternative energy has become the main keynote of the 13th five year plan for energy development. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a legal order for energy transformation, determine the development status of renewable energy, change and innovate the development mode of energy, control the consumption of fossil energy, comprehensively optimize the layout, optimize the development and utilization of renewable energy, and constantly expand the application scale and proportion of renewable energy in energy consumption in the energy law, electric power law and other relevant laws and regulations. In terms of fossil energy installation in the region, the power project approval power has been delegated to the province, and the national energy administration controls the scale as a whole

in addition to leading in price and technology, the photovoltaic + application of Sihong photovoltaic leader base also provides samples for ground photovoltaic projects. In fact, in terms of the application mode innovation of photovoltaic power stations, three of the second batch of photovoltaic leader bases have made clear requirements on the construction form, requiring the construction of floating surface photovoltaic power stations, agricultural light complementary and fishery light complementary projects. Among the second and third batch of leaders, the scale of water surface photovoltaic power station projects has reached 1.5gw

Liu Hanyuan pointed out that there are still a lot of unused land in China's territory. How to realize the reuse of the land area of barren beaches and ponds, and how to realize the simultaneous production of clean energy in the reused space are of practical significance nationwide

according to our calculation, if 50% of Jiangsu's 11million mu of water surface has achieved the clean energy production of fishing and light, it can form a clean energy production and supply equivalent to 60% of Jiangsu's current total electricity. The area of aquaculture ponds in use across the country is more than 45 million mu. If half of them are used for the integrated construction of fishing and light, an installed capacity of 700 million kW to 1 billion kw will be formed. Liu Hanyuan said

in the design process of photovoltaic system, the support system is the core structure that directly supports photovoltaic modules. Although the cost of Anshan photovoltaic support accessories accounts for a small proportion in the whole photovoltaic system, usw8u6soonyp1 Anshan photovoltaic support accessories are crucial to the safety of the system. Reasonable support structure layout can improve the ability of the system to resist wind and snow load. Reasonable use of the characteristics of the support system in terms of load-bearing can further optimize its size parameters, save materials, and contribute to further reducing the cost of the photovoltaic system. Wide applicability The Swiss solar inclined roof support system is applicable to all kinds of general framed solar panels installed on various types of roofs in the existing market. Small solar systems to large and even several megawatt systems can serve its scope

Shi Dinghuan, director of the China Renewable Energy Society, also pointed out in the forum that the innovation of application mode is also an aspect of innovation driven, which is not only complementary to each other, including Huawei and other cross-border entry into the photovoltaic field, the introduction of information technology and interconnection technology into energy management, as well as the application of smart electricity and IOT in the photovoltaic and other energy fields, all play an important role in promoting the energy revolution

tap the space for price reduction

from the perspective of the 13th five year development plan, the time for photovoltaic power generation to achieve parity on the power side is expected to be 2020. The industry also has its own forecasts for the time of parity

Liu Hanyuan believes that in terms of power generation costs, the construction cost of photovoltaic power stations has decreased by 90% in the past decade. For power stations built under existing conditions, the cost per kilowatt hour in eastern China is about 0 5 yuan, 0 in the western region 4 yuan. With the progress of technology and the improvement of scale effect, the cost will fall by more than 30% within three to five years, becoming the energy production mode with the lowest cost of power generation

the decline of system cost depends on the decline of the cost of the whole industry chain. Wang Bohua, vice president and Secretary General of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, pointed out that in the past 10 years

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