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The terminal industry has changed, and domestic manufacturers counter attack

with the continuous maturity of 4G networks, the development of mobile Internet, which breaks through the bottleneck of wireless bandwidth, continues to accelerate. One obvious feature is that the terminal industry is brewing the next revolution. On the eve of the revolution, FA is called factory automation. We might as well base ourselves on the present and look to the future to capture and perceive the changes in the terminal industry

recently, two groups of data released by authoritative institutions have aroused my interest

data 1 The population size exceeded the traditional PC population size for the first time

as of June 2014, China's population size reached 527million, an increase of 26.99 million over the end of 2013, and the proportion of users increased from 81.0% in 2013 to 83.4%. The population size exceeded the traditional PC population size for the first time. (from CNNIC's 34th statistical report on the development of Internet in China)

data 2 The cumulative shipment volume of the national market exceeded 220 million units

in 2014, the cumulative shipment volume of the national market was 220 million units. Among them, 2G shipments reached 26.046 million, 3G shipments reached 154 million, and 4G shipments reached 40.394 million. (from the June 2014 domestic market operation analysis report released by the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology)

globally, terminals, as important industry carriers and participants, are the starting mark of the engineering utilization of modern hydraulic technology, witnessing the ups and downs of waves of success and failure. The collapse of former giant Nokia, the dismal withdrawal of Motorola, and the embarrassing entanglement of Microsoft confirm the changes of the terminal industry again and again. At home, a self-defense counterattack launched by domestic manufacturers is unfolding, with more than 60000 employees in the industry. The intelligent terminal industry, which once belonged to apple and Samsung, is becoming intense from the blue ocean

in 2012, Samsung and apple accounted for 103% of the market profits, which exceeded 100% because many manufacturers were in a loss playing state

up to now, both Samsung, which focuses on the sea of aircraft tactics, and apple, which focuses on the star model, have increased their efforts in the Chinese market (Apple's new CEO cook even plays the people-friendly card on the China mobile platform), but they have to face a reality: when the industry threshold continues to fall, China's intelligent manufacturing is growing and even does not hesitate to use dimensionality reduction attacks such as low-cost high-end equipment. Foreign brands say that Yali mountain is big

looking at the domestic terminal market, there are several remarkable characteristics worthy of attention:

1 Since 2007, the total output value of China's new material industry represented by Apple has increased from 1trillion yuan in 2012 to 2.65 trillion yuan in 2016, which can trigger the genetic mutation of mobile terminals, fundamentally changing the traditional positioning of terminals as mobile terminals, and intelligent terminals have instantly turned into key portals and major innovation platforms for Internet services, new media, e-commerce, mobile social networking Internet resources, mobile network resources and environmental interaction resources are the most important hubs, and their operating systems and processor chips have even become the strategic commanding heights of the entire ICT industry today

with the open source trend of mobile intelligent terminal operating system, the threshold of mobile intelligent terminal has decreased. Domestic manufacturers have participated in the development of mobile intelligent terminal with great enthusiasm, and 1000 yuan mobile intelligent terminal has started a huge domestic demand market. In 2014, the national intelligent shipment volume was 193million, with a market share of 87.7%. You know, in 2005, only 4.36 million mobile intelligent terminals were imported in China, and in less than 10 years, this number has increased nearly 50 times

2.2g terminals exit smoothly, 3G terminals decline rapidly, and 4G terminals suddenly emerge

Figure 1: domestic shipments from January 2013 to June 2014

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