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Tangshan New Hydraulic excavator is widely favored by construction units

Tangshan New Hydraulic excavator is widely favored by construction units

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Sumitomo Construction Machinery (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. is located in Kaiping economic development zone. It mainly produces new hydraulic excavators with less oil and bubbles, and its products are sold all over the country. It is understood that both sides of hydraulic excavation should adhere to the development of mineral resources, infrastructure construction Financial Association "3-bit 1-BODY machine is widely used in hydraulic engineering, transportation, electric power engineering, mining and other mechanical construction. It plays a very important role in reducing heavy physical labor, ensuring project quality, accelerating construction speed and improving labor productivity. Because hydraulic excavator has the characteristics of multi variety, multi-function, high quality and high efficiency, it is favored by the majority of construction units. (LV Guangyu)

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