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Tang Jun: I will stay.

Yi business report on November 25th, 2003, Cheng Lingfeng reported that the rumors of "Tang Jun" were flying all over the place, and there was only one center: he "Erdogan, beside the power, responded to the fall with bullets" and was about to leave Microsoft

therefore, when rumors gradually spread and spread to irresistible, Tang Jun had only one way: clarify, clarify, and clarify again

at 4 p.m. on November 24, Tang Jun, who returned from a business trip in Japan, landed at Dalian Airport and dialed e-commerce report, "there are too many rumors. Please clarify them for me." Tang said

this is the second clarification made by Tang Jun to e-commerce report alone in November. The first time was on November 16, using email; This time, it is for further clarification

in, Tang Jun's voice is gentle and slow, and his mood is not as bad as the outside world thinks. "I just went to the hot spring," Tang Jun said

he told that the statement about his resignation from Microsoft was simply nonsense. "I'm going to Japan to discuss the software outsourcing business of minimally invasive (a joint venture software company established by Microsoft and the Shanghai municipal government). How can I resign from Microsoft

Tang Jun said at the same time that he expected to convey a true situation to the outside world through e-commerce report: I will not leave Microsoft, I will stay. "During this period, more than 60 people have asked my secretary about this matter and asked for an interview to prevent dust from entering." Tang Jun's voice was a little helpless


since July this year, the topic of Tang Jun's future has attracted public attention. Because in the industry, Microsoft is the kind of company known as the "Waterloo of professional managers". It is in the power struggle that several former Microsoft Chinese bosses Du Jiabin, Wu Shihong and Gao Qunyao successively hung up their posts

in June this year, Microsoft began to adjust globally; In August, Chen Yongzheng was parachuted as the CEO of Greater China as the vice president of Microsoft; In October, the new management structure of Microsoft China took shape, and Tang Jun was no longer responsible for marketing, sales, finance, personnel and other affairs in China

as a result, rumors about Tang Jun's resignation became more and more intense

on November 24, when clarifying the rumors, Tang Jun made it clear: "I am now mainly responsible for Microsoft global technology center, China Technology Center, and Shanghai minimally invasive Software Co., Ltd.; my current trip to Japan is to negotiate the software outsourcing business of minimally invasive." He believes that the structural adjustment of Microsoft will not shake the relationship between him and Microsoft at all

Tang Jun said that although he was "not particularly satisfied" with giving up the management of the company's interest departments (such as sales, finance, etc.), he stressed that the mode of division of labor "was also out of his own choice". "The division of functions between the president of China (Microsoft) and the person in charge of Greater China has produced some friction in history; Wu Shihong and Gao Qunyao have strong abilities, but they choose to leave because they cannot tolerate the duplication of functions with the president of Greater China." Tang Jun believes that the distance between the oil suction pipe and the oil return pipe in the leaving oil tank should be as large as possible, which has a lot to do with the mentality of the parties. He believes that the resignation of Wu Shihong and Gao Qunyao was mainly due to the unacceptability of changes in management power

"therefore, I propose that as the president of China, I should be completely separated from the management authority of the person in charge of Greater China." Tang Jun said, "the headquarters has met this requirement and made arrangements, and I very much hope for my cooperation and continued efforts. I am willing to accept such an arrangement."

there is no reason to leave

some people say that if Tang Jun leaves class, he will go directly to a company in Beijing - create open source. For this, Tang Jun still gave a direct denial. He laughed and said, "co create open source? I have never heard of this company before. Today is the first time." "I have no reason to leave Microsoft. I have a very good performance in Microsoft; at the same time, Microsoft doesn't want me to leave." Tang Jun's words sound

compared with the previous three presidents of Microsoft China who resigned sadly, Tang Jun is an anomaly. Du Jiabin, Wu Shihong and Gao Qunyao were successful professional managers before joining Microsoft. General Electric Company will use silicon carbide fiber to manufacture ceramic matrix composite parts. Tang Jun is a native of Microsoft. After eight years of hard work, he became the president of the first "Microsoft global technology center" outside Microsoft headquarters in 2001. Now ten years of experience, natural value is different

if Microsoft only borrowed some management or marketing skills from its previous three presidents, and paid more attention to Chen Yongzheng's "Tang costume" advantage and strategic intention as an airborne soldier, then the Microsoft gene accumulated in Tang Jun for a long time must have more uses and expectations

another advantage of Tang Jun comes from his very comprehensive performance. And his first three terms, there are obvious deficiencies

Du Jiabin successfully reversed the relationship between Microsoft and government departments, but the sales performance was too low. Wu Shihong made sales strong, but the difficulties at home and abroad reached an unprecedented level. Government relations have not improved; Cracking down on piracy and the "Venus" incident triggered a public outcry; Personnel arrangement led to tension with some staff of Hong Kong and Taiwan

Gao Qunyao spared no effort to combat piracy, but Microsoft's public image continued to be "dark"; High school and low-level employees frequently change jobs and join Chinese software enterprises; In 2002, Microsoft lost the bidding of Beijing government

and Tang Jun is always proud of his performance. "I have the only honor in Microsoft: I have won the highest honor award of Microsoft twice: Bill Gates president award and outstanding management award." At the same time, Microsoft China achieved the highest employee satisfaction and sales growth among the 82 branches in the world last year. "Spring ploughing plan" and "escort plan" have achieved good channel market advantages; And established a good relationship with large enterprises such as Chinatelecom

Tang is the only one in Microsoft

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