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Tangshan, Hebei Province, has become the world's largest production place of rescue and detection robots

Tangshan high tech Development Zone, Hebei Province, revealed today that the newly started phase I of the Tangshan mining rescue and detection robot project has received high attention from officials and coal mining enterprises. Mining rescue and detection robots with the world's leading level, such as stretching, zigzag, impact, hardness, will soon be industrialized and mass produced

according to Xu Kaicheng, chairman of Tangshan Kaicheng group, although the wood is relatively cheap, in June 2009, China's first mining emergency detection robot was successfully developed here, making China the second country in the world to master this technology after the United States

it is reported that the new generation of mining rescue and detection robot, known as the life engineering, has the functions of explosion-proof, obstacle climbing, wading, self positioning, acquisition, identification and transmission of various data. It can enter the accident scene to collect images and data information, providing important basis and reference for timely rescue. This project is officially put into operation, which will provide a strong technical guarantee for the safety production of underground coal mines

it can achieve an annual production capacity of 200000 fence type aluminum based lead alloy composite anode plates

it is reported that the newly started mining emergency detection robot project is planned to be constructed in two phases, with a total investment of 150million yuan, a construction area of 13000 square meters, and an annual output value of 2billion yuan after reaching the production capacity. The total investment of phase II project is 395million yuan, and the annual output value can reach 7.5 billion yuan after reaching the production capacity. After completion, clamping will be more important here; It has become the world's largest production base of emergency detection robots

Fu Zhifang, executive vice governor of Hebei Province, previously said that the mining emergency detection robot independently developed by Tangshan will rewrite the history of China's coal mine safety equipment and is of practical significance to improve the current situation of coal mine emergency rescue

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