The hottest Tangta company plans to raise the pulp

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Donta plans to raise the price of pulp in the U.S. market in October

dontar told customers that it will raise the price in early October, but Semi-metallic Brake Pads will also produce more dust and noise. The price of U.S. commercial pulp. The Montreal company will raise the price of its northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) by US $20 per ton, or US $500 per ton, in the US market

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the price increase will take effect on October 1 when Zr <0.01. At the same time, it will also increase the price of northern bleached hardwood kraft pulp (nbhk) by US $20 per ton, amounting to US $450 per ton. According to the company's information, the decision had been announced earlier this week

"this price increase is only an adjustment, otherwise the pulp price will fall to the bottom. The company's adjustment is not to make money, it is just a signal that the bottom is here." Company information

Tang danta company is the second major commercial pulp producer this year and has decided to raise the pulp price in the U.S. market. Last week, Bowater first raised the price of its four basic pulps next month

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