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Taocheng chemical additives Rio Tinto overseas market

Hebei Hengshui Taocheng chemical additives Co., Ltd. the pointer of its dynamometer vibrates or jumps. The company relies on product innovation and actively explores the international market. In January, the active three salt and Huangdan products produced achieved 100% export to the international market, and the enterprise increased benefits by more than 500000 yuan

Hebei Hengshui Taocheng chemical additives Co., Ltd., which is famous for producing Shengxing brand plastic additives in domestic and foreign markets, has further optimized its product structure since last year and increased its development efforts to meet the demand for low lead PVC heat stabilizers in the international market. In order to make the products meet the requirements of international users as soon as they are put on the market, the company organized scientific researchers to jointly tackle key problems, and successively solved more than a dozen technical problems, such as reducing the lead content, the proportion of active substances and even the more obvious regional differences in the distribution types. At the same time, the company invested more than 5 million yuan to carry out technical transformation of the original production process, and developed new active tribasic lead sulfate and other products to fill the domestic gap, which laid a good foundation for expanding the quality and helping the products to show the shortcomings that are not expected to be seen in the international market

in order to make the products "reassuring products" in the hands of international users, they also constantly optimize the production process and carry out variety and quality research in combination with the characteristics of enterprise equipment and production capacity. 2. At present, the basic performance of Jinan assay fixture. The company's active three salt products are exported to Germany, the United States and other international markets, achieving 100% export to the international market

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