The hottest tank car with dangerous chemicals leak

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A tank car loaded with dangerous chemicals leaked

a tank car loaded with dangerous chemicals leaked

July 23, 2015

[China paint information] at about 2:40 p.m. on July 20, a tank car loaded with dangerous chemicals leaked in the service area of Fengcheng in Nanchang Fengcheng direction of Nanchang Zhangjiakou expressway. After receiving the alarm, Yichun Fire detachment and Fengcheng fire brigade rushed to the scene for rescue immediately. After 12 hours of hard work, the danger was finally eliminated

the tank car with leakage stops at the extreme edge of the service area. When the firefighters arrived at the scene, they saw that there was a small amount of liquid dripping at the bottom of the tank, and there was a plastic experimental machine nearby, which was a pungent smell of equipment used in the laboratory of plastic products factory. Fire officers and soldiers immediately alert the scene. According to the driver, the vehicle was driven from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province to Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, and was loaded with nearly 30 tons of n-butyraldehyde. At that time, the driver parked the car in Fengcheng service area to have a rest and prepare lunch. When getting off the car, he smelled a pungent smell. After checking the car, he found a small amount of liquid leakage at the bottom of the tank, so he quickly called 119 to call the police

it is reported that n-butyraldehyde is a colorless transparent liquid with asphyxiating smell, which can cause combustion and explosion in case of open fire and high heat

after knowing the situation, the on-site commander immediately reported the on-site situation to the detachment command center, strengthened the on-site alert and diluted the leakage area. Subsequently, the leaders of all departments of Yichun detachment and the personnel of the full service headquarters of the detachment arrived at the scene of the accident and set up the on-site headquarters

after discussion by the on-site headquarters, it was decided to stop the leakage of the tank body first, and then transfer it after the manufacturer's explosion-proof pump and explosion-proof tank car are in place

then, Yichun Fire detachment led the team members to wear heavy chemical protective clothing, carry air respirators on their backs, and use professional plugging tools to plug the leak under the cover of water guns. After more than 20 minutes, the leakage port of the tank car was successfully blocked

until 11:30 that night, the manufacturer's technicians, explosion-proof pumps and explosion-proof tank cars were in place and began the safe transfer of n-butyraldehyde. In order to prevent fire or explosion hazards during the transfer process, it is difficult for firefighters to use water guns to detect and continuously spray water to dilute the tank body of tank cars. 8.1 the appearance of the experimental machine should not have irregular protrusions, depressions, roughness and other damage

at about 2 a.m. on the 21st, n-butyraldehyde on the leaking vehicle struggled and was safely transferred

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