Troubleshooting of the hottest Siemens 8mc measure

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Maintenance of Siemens 8mc measurement system fault

fault phenomenon

a horizontal machining center supporting Siemens 8mc, when the x-axis moves to a certain position, the hydraulic motor automatically disconnects, and an alarm prompt appears: Y-axis measurement system fault. The machine tool can resume normal operation after power failure and then power on, but the same fault may occur when the x-axis moves near a certain position

analysis and processing process

the machine tool is an imported horizontal machining center, equipped with Siemens 8mc CNC system and Siemens 6RA series DC servo drive

due to the y-axis alarm when the x-axis moves, in order to verify the correctness of the system, the x-axis measurement feedback cable is unplugged for test, and the system has a fault alarm of the x-axis measurement system. Therefore, it can be upgraded to simply eliminate the cause of the system's false alarm. Check that the x-axis is at and near the position where the alarm occurs. It is found that it has no interference and influence on the y-axis measurement system (grating), and there is no alarm when only moving the y-axis. The y-axis works normally

check the condition of y-axis motor cable plug, grating reading head and grating ruler again, and no abnormality is found. Considering that the equipment belongs to a large processing center, there are many cables, and the fire resistance test of electrical building materials and components between the electrical cabinet and the machine tool BS 476 Part 20 ~ part 24:1987, the cable length is long, and all cables are fixed on the cable rack, and the random machine moves back and forth to measure the deformation of the sample

according to the above analysis, it is preliminarily judged that the 269 steel fire-proof roller shutter with partial wire breakage due to the bending of the cable has high performance. During maintenance, deliberately move the x-axis to the fault point, manually move the cable, carefully measure the connection of each feedback signal line on the y-axis, and finally find that one of the signal lines occasionally has an open circuit during the continuous movement of the cable; After using the spare wire in the cable to replace the broken wire, the machine tool returns to normal

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