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Yin Xiaoping: implement innovation driven construction of a strong printing province

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core tip: in recent years, Jiangsu printing industry has been guided by the new development concept, and earnestly implemented the requirements of the State Administration for promoting the development of "green, digital, intelligent and integrated" printing industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period, According to (2) pull the cold-formed support apart equidistant from both sides, according to the general idea and work layout of "one, four, five, ten" of Jiangsu publishing, radio, film and television, pay attention to management on the one hand, promote development on the other hand, and actively promote the healthy and sustainable development of Jiangsu printing industry

in recent years, Jiangsu's printing industry has been guided by the new development concept, conscientiously implemented the requirements of the State Administration for promoting the "green, digital, intelligent and integrated" development of the printing industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period, and actively promoted the healthy and sustainable development of Jiangsu's printing industry in accordance with the general idea and work layout of "one, four, five and ten" of Jiangsu publishing, radio, film and television. At present, the total output value of the printing industry in the province has reached more than 130 billion yuan, 421 Enterprises above Designated Size, 42 national and provincial printing demonstration enterprises, and 103 printing enterprises have passed the green printing certification, which has taken a solid step in promoting the construction of a strong printing province. Our main measures are as follows:

first, organize and implement the printing industry innovation and Development Expo, and build an exhibition and exchange platform for the innovation and development of Jiangsu printing industry

Jiangsu printing industry has a good foundation, but it also faces problems such as the low degree of industrial intensification, the structural overcapacity of several 10 patents every year, the weak ability of independent innovation, unbalanced regional development, and the lack of backbone leading enterprises, Restricting the transformation and upgrading of the industry, there is an urgent need for innovation and guidance to create a new driving force for the sustainable development of the industry. The purpose of establishing Jiangsu printing industry innovation and Development Expo is to thoroughly implement the deployment requirements of the central government, the State Administration, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government on innovation and development, display the achievements of Jiangsu and domestic and foreign printing industry innovation and development in recent years, further strengthen the concept of innovation and development, and strive to create "four platforms", that is, a display platform that leads the future development trend of the industry and runs through the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the industry, so that professional audiences can broaden their thinking An experience platform for social audiences to enhance their interest, an exchange platform to grasp the development trends and promote the deepening of reform, and a trading platform for supply and demand docking and on-site trading, so as to accelerate the transformation and development of Jiangsu's printing industry to digitalization, greening, intelligence and integration, and constantly create new advantages in the development of Jiangsu's printing industry. On October, 2017, the first Jiangsu India Expo was successfully held in Suzhou International Expo Center. According to the scheduled exhibition plan and purpose, this exhibition closely adheres to the theme of "creativity, innovation and excellence", integrates the innovative resources and elements of the upstream and downstream printing industry chain, and sets up exhibition areas such as green printing, digital intelligence, innovation demonstration, paper creativity, label flexible packaging, etc., attracting more than 360 excellent printing enterprises and printing supporting enterprises at home and abroad. The exhibitors include not only printing equipment manufacturers and suppliers, printing new technology research and development enterprises and scientific research institutes, but also printing supporting service providers such as energy conservation and emission reduction and financial services. At the same time, through the organization of 13 high-level meetings, forums and other activities, such as the digital to intelligent printing industry innovation and Development Summit Forum, 2017 provincial printing work conference, green printing training class, printing material dealer conference, and the effective interaction with nearly 20000 professional visitors on the scene, the new technologies, new materials, new equipment, new processes, and new models of industry development were displayed and exchanged. According to statistics, the on-site transactions of printing materials at this Jiangsu India Expo were more than 26million yuan, the intended transactions were 170million yuan, the supply chain finance contract was 330million yuan, and 13 key activities were held, which achieved the established exhibition objectives and achieved both social and economic benefits

Second, build and improve the green printing environmental protection system to promote the green development of Jiangsu printing industry

since 2010, with the strong promotion of publishing administrative departments at all levels in the province and the joint cooperation of the majority of publishing and printing units, the construction of the green printing environmental protection system in our province has achieved initial results, and gradually formed a green printing quality management system with government guidance, market demand, enterprise control and quality assurance. In 2012, with the support of the State Administration, Jiangsu green printing laboratory was established, with sophisticated instruments and equipment and strong technical capabilities, providing strong support for the high-quality development of green printing. Since the autumn semester of 2014, the provincial primary and secondary school textbooks have achieved full coverage of green printing. In order to ensure that the textbooks are truly "green", the Provincial Bureau has carried out full variety sample delivery, full coverage spot check and whole process control for three consecutive years to send the truly "green" textbooks to primary and secondary school students in the province. In 2017, Jiangsu Province designated June 1 as Jiangsu green printing publicity day. In the green printing publicity day, we surrounded Shanghai Machinery Factory; Cmt1302 electronic universal experimental machine has strengthened the publicity of green printing, cultivated the market demand of consumers for green printing, and made efforts to expand the implementation and application of green printing. It has organized more than 10 book publishing units to provide more than 150 kinds of children's books with green printing, which are intensively displayed and sold in the main provincial Xinhua Bookstore stores in the province, and conducted environmental quality spot checks on children's books participating in green publicity activities in advance, Cover the major publishing units and printing enterprises participating in the publicity activities, and truly implement the "green printing promotion project". At the same time, give full play to the role of the Provincial Printing Association and the provincial quality inspection center, and take advantage of the opportunity of holding exhibitions and deploying work to hold green printing training courses, focusing on the policies, standards, technologies, methods, and paths that enterprises pay attention to in the implementation of green printing and ecological environmental protection construction, so as to help enterprises grasp the requirements of implementing green printing, popularize the concept of green printing, and improve the quality of green printing products from the source

III. organize the establishment of Provincial Printing demonstration enterprises, and actively play the leading role of excellent enterprises

since 2015, our province has taken the initiative to connect with the construction of the "national printing demonstration enterprises" of the General Administration, launched the identification of printing demonstration enterprises in Jiangsu Province, and plans to identify about 100 by the end of the 13th five year plan. The purpose of this work is to establish an enterprise matrix with national printing demonstration enterprises as the leader and provincial printing demonstration enterprises as the backbone, play a demonstration and leading role in cultivating backbone enterprises with prominent main businesses and strong core competitiveness, and promote Jiangsu printing to form an internationally influential "Jiangsu printing" brand. At present, our province has identified 42 provincial-level printing demonstration enterprises, covering 13 cities in the province, covering book printing, newspaper printing, business printing, food packaging, tobacco packaging, magnetic card printing, anti-counterfeiting printing, data processing and other fields, reflecting the industrial characteristics of Jiangsu's printing industry with a wide variety of products. These enterprises have a fast development speed, good transformation and upgrading, and are at the forefront of the industry in terms of digital, green, intelligent and integrated development. They can play a good demonstration and leading role in the reanalysis of data curves in the process of industry development. At the same time, publishing administrative departments at all levels have also effectively supported these demonstration enterprises in terms of industrial policies, industrial funds and other aspects, so as to enlarge the demonstration role of demonstration enterprises. In the past two years, national and provincial printing demonstration enterprises in our province have received a total of more than 30 million yuan of provincial special development funds for the cultural industry

IV. strengthen industry supervision and quality construction, and promote the standardized development of Jiangsu printing industry

conscientiously implement the requirements of the State Council and the State Administration on the administrative reform of "releasing management services", combined with the actual reform of Jiangsu examination and approval work, in the process of handling administrative licensing matters such as the examination and approval of the establishment of printing enterprises, change filing, etc., all implement "not meet" examination and approval, and the work involving relevant departments is changed from separate examination and approval to one-off acceptance, internal circulation Parallel approval, the processing time limit is reduced from 40 working days to 20 working days, and the promised completion time is 10 working days. Some matters are completed on the spot, which saves a lot of time and expenses for the administrative counterpart. In the process of the annual verification of printing enterprises, since 2014, our province has carried out the annual verification and audit of printing enterprises through the network system platform according to the management principles of classification and classification. For four consecutive years, the annual verification of nearly 10000 printing enterprises across the province has been paperless, which greatly facilitates printing enterprises while improving administrative efficiency. Strengthen the supervision during and after the event, adhere to the requirements of "double random and one open", and give priority to prevention and timely supervision. At the same time, we will focus on cracking down on a number of enterprises that have committed crimes against the wind, knowingly committed crimes, and have remained unrepentant despite repeated admonitions. In 2017, the Provincial Bureau and local law enforcement departments investigated and dealt with a number of cases of violations of laws and regulations, and imposed administrative penalties on more than 80 printing enterprises in accordance with the law and regulations. Among them, Nanjing investigated and dealt with a major case of Jiangsu Xuanwu Lake printing industry Co., Ltd. printing 597 kinds of teaching auxiliary books and more than 170000 volumes without authorization, and imposed an administrative penalty of more than 960000 yuan on the enterprise; Nantong City cooperated with relevant departments to investigate and deal with the major case of Nantong Jinqiao Color Printing Co., Ltd. printing 36000 copies of the illegal publication "Mengbao album" commissioned by members of the cult organization, and the administrative department of publishing, radio and television fined the enterprise 170000 yuan. In 2017, our Bureau formulated and issued the notice on Further Strengthening the management of production capacity cooperation among printing enterprises based on the problems of private and excessive issuance of orders among printing enterprises found in the "big discussion, big visit and big implementation" activities, and achieved good results by further standardizing the production capacity cooperation among Publishing and printing enterprises while giving full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation. At the same time, we strive to adapt to the trend and requirements of high-quality development, actively promote the supply side structural reform of the printing industry, organically combine the "March 15" quality inspection activities, "publication printing quality inspection", "government award printing reproduction Award" evaluation and other work with quality management, and take primary and secondary school textbooks, evaluation teaching aids, free exercise books, and rural Bookstore updated publications as the focus of supervision and random inspection, A printing quality supervision system has been established, in which the administrative department focuses on rewards and inspection and punishment, the quality inspection department focuses on strengthening the publicity and implementation of standards and inspection and random inspection, the publishing unit focuses on self-examination and self correction and establishing a product quality assurance mechanism, and the printing enterprises focus on strengthening technological transformation and cultivating craftsman spirit. The printing quality level of the whole province has been effectively improved. Recently, our province is formulating the "Interim Measures for the supervision and management of publication printing quality in Jiangsu Province", which aims to further strengthen the importance of printing quality management, standardize the supervision and random inspection work of the government and quality inspection departments, prevent printing quality problems and accidents, promote the refinement of publishing and printing products, and enhance the core competitiveness of Jiangsu printing

although the printing work in Jiangsu has made some progress in the past two years, there are still many gaps and deficiencies compared with the requirements of the State Administration and brother provinces and cities. We will take this conference as a new starting point, closely focus on the core of high-quality development, adhere to laying the foundation, emphasizing quality and benefiting the long term, so that the development of the printing industry can better meet the needs of the transformation of the main contradictions in our society

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