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Content and form of Intelligent Packaging Technology (VI)

3. Electronic integrated packaging (1) microwave oven automatic food packaging

microwave oven food packaging will be a precedent for the application of electronic information technology in packaging. The intelligent microwave heating package developed by Rutgers University in the United States, that is, the usual packaging of semi-finished food, can be heated and cooked automatically in the microwave oven without manual manipulation

at present, the cooking effect of ordinary microwave heated packaged food is not ideal. The reasons are: the thermodynamic properties of various food components are different; The heating characteristics of foods with different sizes and shapes are different; Different types of microwave ovens have different heating characteristics. The of microwave oven cannot distinguish the differences of these packaged foods. The newly developed intelligent microwave heating packaging is a good information carrier. Information can be exchanged among food, packaging and microwave ovens. The bar code (or other numbers) on the package carries important information (including food, packaging and microwave oven). The microwave oven is equipped with bar code scanner and microprocessor. The microprocessor is connected with the scanner, and the microwave heating process is controlled by the obtained logic information, including controlling the magnetron power and heating time of the microwave oven. Of course, the control software of microwave heating process needs to be designed by food scientists and microwave oven manufacturing engineers. They study and decide what special information should be placed in the bar code, what logic programs are needed, and what information coding and decoding system is needed

it is true that only in terms of current maturity, there is a certain distance to achieve a completely ideal heating effect, which may need the cooperation of new packaging materials and other intelligent factors. First, microwave food packaging materials - microwave food packaging materials must withstand continuous freezing, high-temperature dissolution and heating. In particular, intelligent packaging has higher requirements for materials. Second, intelligent activated elements - during microwave heating, these activated elements will control the size of the slits and slits according to the presence of embedded food and adjacent non-conductive substances, so as to control the resonance of microwave in them. Therefore, adding these active elements into the packaging film can strengthen microwave heating or reduce the heating effect

the packaging material of microwave heated food (MF) is an important part of food technology. Adding intelligent factors to MF packaging will undoubtedly bring MF packaging into a field of innovative significance. With the addition of intelligent factors, packaging is no longer in a passive position. The further development of calculator technology and commodity code technology provides the advantages of convenience, accuracy and rapidity. Consumers avoid the trouble of having to carefully read the heating instructions on the packaging, and it is also convenient for foreign consumers who do not understand the language on the packaging

(2) packaging with electronic chip

the packaging of all goods on the shelves of supermarkets or stores carries all information about the purchase and use of goods (stored in microchips in digital form), and consumers' carts are equipped with special scanners and microcomputers, Consumers can easily use this device to read all the information on the package (name, composition, function, place of origin, shelf life, weight, price, use guide, warning, etc.), and even calculate and draw the capacity price ratio chart line of similar products. This kind of electronic reading: refer to the records of fault analysis and repair in the technical archives of tensile testing machine; Check the daily inspection card, spot inspection card and regular inspection card; Check the shift handover records and the records of protection and maintenance. The emergence of sub combined packaging makes the purchasing behavior of consumers labor-saving and convenient

the package with electronic data information can cover a wide range and can be applied to almost all products, including food

(3) traceable transport packaging

e-commerce activities will inevitably involve all kinds of new business behaviors such as ordering, rapid response, real-time delivery, commodity distribution points, community distribution, and means of high-speed linear reciprocating friction and wear testing machine (vibration friction and wear testing machine), and the packaging form of commodities will also change greatly. Obviously, the traditional commodity circulation management method is sometimes difficult to meet the special requirements of e-commerce. An intelligent logistics system can connect all links into an interactive whole with the help of information network and even satellite positioning system, and the information in each working stage can be exchanged and adjusted in real time, so that the whole logistics system can respond more quickly and work more effectively

"traceable transportation packaging" is one of them. The goal is to develop a transportation packaging technology form conducive to automatic management, so that the transportation container can be tracked in the whole process on the circulation route, which is convenient for the control center to complete the adjustment and management of the transportation route and commodities, so as to achieve the purpose of fast, optimal route and low transportation cost of commodity circulation and transportation

III. trend and development suggestions of intelligent packaging

through the analysis of intelligent packaging technology, we can significantly feel the vigorous vitality and new face of packaging technology in the new century. With the rapid development of commodity trade, the function and form of packaging will be further expanded. Under the stimulation of commodity economic globalization and e-commerce trade, intelligent packaging technology will make great achievements

for example, "packaging" refers to the real-time packaging of products sold on the Internet according to the size and characteristics of physical products. The advantage of providing packaging for promoting products is that consumers are exposed to the packaging of products at the same time. This can improve consumers' satisfaction with the overall product, reduce the number of packaging samples actually sent, and reduce trade costs. Packaging enterprises can first launch the menu of packaging design scheme and wait for consumers to order before actual production, so as to fundamentally avoid the backlog of products caused by blind production of packaging materials that are not necessarily suitable for the needs of the market. The feedback interval of dry ice or liquid alcohol is very short. Even if there are small batches that are not suitable for the market, the loss can be recovered and reduced in a short time. The practice of packaging and ordering products also makes it possible to realize "zero inventory" in packaging production

for the above MF packaging, DC packaging and TT packaging, with the help of the rapidity and convenience of the network, consumers can browse and order in time at home according to the product information provided by the network, and the distance difference between regions is no longer a problem. If equipped with certain voice equipment and automatic machinery, people with disabilities can also enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent packaging in the new century and improve the quality of life

at the same time, the author also realized some problems worthy of further study, such as:

1) in addition to realizing intelligent packaging by mechanical or electronic means, can intelligent packaging be realized by bioengineering or other ways friendly to nature

2) how can intelligent packaging technology be more considered for the elderly, children, people with disabilities and intellectual disabilities

3) can the deoxidizer in AP packaging be replaced with hydrogen (non-toxic and tasteless) instead of iron oxide (the generated ferrous oxide will pollute the food if neglected)

4) in MF packaging, although a small amount of leakage of microwave does not cause great harm to human body, it is not reassuring after all, so whether the chip can automatically prompt the amount of radiation in a certain time, so as to better serve consumers' self-protection

5) does TT packaging under exploration consider how to adapt to the situation in remote areas (which involves the popularization of e-commerce)

packaging comes with the advent of self owned goods. After the changes of the times, the types of goods are more diverse and complex, and the functions of packaging are more and more. The wave of high and new technology has pushed packaging to a higher level of development. The development of intelligent packaging is a historical necessity. The packaging industry personnel in the new century should seize this opportunity with keen insight

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